Medical Students and Physicians worldwide use CanadaQBank to help them prepare for and successfully pass the MCCQE Parts 1 & 2, USMLE, AMC CAT, PLAB and the SMLE with high scores.

What makes CanadaQBank so effective? CanadaQBank is a proven online test preparation service used by thousands of medical students and physicians, to pass their medical licensing exams. The questions and cases in the QBanks are classic and are an extremely accurate simulation to those seen on the actual licensing exams.

Meticulous upgrading to reflect the changing Medical Council of Canada & USMLE testing patterns.

It is very difficult to consistently predict and follow every change that occurs in testing patterns. Yet CanadaQBank has achieved that goal!

It's an accomplishment made possible through continuous research and thorough analysis of the Medical Council of Canada (MCC) and National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) testing methodology. Every change and every newly tested topic has been meticulously refined and added to our database. This is done with the level of expertise you would expect from a prestigious medical school. As a result CanadaQBank serves as a perfect and substantial test preparation service to help you prepare for your medical licensing exams.

High yield Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and Cases in all of our QBanks. Designed to produce maximum results.

CanadaQBank was built on the principle of "research & create." The purpose was to help the student reduce the time spent on learning low yield topics and instead invest that time on mastering high yield topics and testing methods of the licensing exams.

Let's face it. The medical field today is like a vast ocean and it takes many decades of reading and experience to master even a single specialty in medicine. So then how do you master all the subjects of medicine for your licensing exam? Is it even possible?

CanadaQBank is designed to provide the best high yield MCQs and cases that produce the maximum results for students. A significant amount of time and expertise has gone into the development of our QBanks & this effort has produced the massive rate of success enjoyed by our students.

All new "Review My Tests" section: Review, Analyze or Retake tests.

The all new CanadaQBank has been designed to create an improved experience for test takers. The "Review My Tests" section is designed with three key features: "Review", "Analyze" and "Retake the Test”.

"Review" allows you to go through the entire test and the answers you had selected, you can also refer to it at a later date. All the tests are archived so you can come back and witness how much your understanding has improved.

The "Analyze" feature allows you to check how you have performed in each of the individual subjects. The "Retake" feature allows you to retake the same test again in a timed setting.

Built-In features in the Test and Tutor modes.

Multiple ways to make your learning more effective. Now available on one single page.

The more topics you learn, the more you realize that you need an effective way to highlight important learning points, add insightful notes and review them all in one place. With CanadaQBank, all those notes, selected questions and topics can be viewed from a single source page. Each question has built-in features that allow you to select the MCQs you like, make notes and review all your collections from a single page known as the "My Questions" page.

Only CanadaQBank has the "Study Topic" feature

CanadaQBank designed the "Study Topic" feature to make learning incredibly effective. It helps the student master one topic at a time and study in an organized manner. After the student feels confident about his/her knowledge and grasp over the high yield topics, they can take the timed test one more time and drive the medical facts into deep memory.

The world's most popular QBanks for the Canadian medical licensing exams now also offer QBanks for the USMLE, AMC CAT, PLAB and the SMLE with the same user interface.

CanadaQBank holds the reputation of having the most successful QBanks for the Canadian medical licensing exams. For good reason. CanadaQBank employs an intensive research process to create and update its list of high yield MCQs and Cases.

We receive many testimonials which confirm the accuracy of our high yield topics.

We have applied the same research process to create our USMLE, AMC CAT, PLAB and the SMLE QBanks, so that you can enjoy the same success rate with these exams.

Prompt customer support.

Your Feedback is extremely important to us. We take our customers insights and inputs very seriously and we are prompt to resolve any issues or technical difficulties you may face while using any of our services. Our customer support team is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of the QBanks, the User Interface and the licensing exams. This is the pivotal service that keeps our customers satisfied.