Brand New Design

Creating an entirely new design meant rethinking and rewiring our entire technology platform.

When we envisioned the new CanadaQBank user interface, we imagined an interface that provides multiple features and solutions in a user friendly way with high performance.

We could have taken the easy way out and made just a few cosmetic changes, but we didn't.

We had to create new programming algorithms and re-configure everything. We had to re-imagine our existing features and make each aspect of the QBanks more powerful and dynamic. We had to count every page and the number of clicks required get to the page and find ways to make every feature more efficient.

The result is the brand new CanadaQBank: the most feature rich, user friendly and high yield QBanks we have ever created.

It is the most feature packed and user friendly QBank interface. The first of its kind. Here is why.

Does a single click matter? Making a user interface effective means that the client must be able to reach the object of their choice without having to struggle to find it.

This is what separates a thoughtless corporate interface from a customer friendly interface. Inside CanadaQBank every click has been considered, every page has been created from the customer's point of view, so you can have the most efficient experience.

The ease of navigation of CanadaQBank in the private members section is unmatched and extremely intuitive.

It is not easy to create an interface with over 35 features and still make everything appear simple. We needed to satisfy both type customers, on one hand we have customers who are hungry for a feature rich interface and the ability to analyze every aspect of their performance, the ability to amplify and implement every available learning method. On the other hand we have customers who want to keep things simple.

Overall, customer satisfaction is defined by how well we please these two groups of customers while providing remarkable results. CanadaQBank performed several test runs and opened the QBank to its toughest critiques, collecting feedback and making adjustments to the design. Then finally we rolled out our best line-up of QBanks ever.