newsletter january 2022

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NEW Updated QBank for the MCCQE Part 1

List details of Improvements made:

Updated our question bank with new questions
based on the topics tested on the 2021 exams

Shortened and revitalized our long questions
clinical vignettes to mimic the real exam

Scenario - Before

Scenario - After

Explanation - Before

Explanation - After

Embedded laboratory reference values in the clinical
vignettes to maximize time efficiency

Introduced write-in questions to our CDM
component of the exam

Kept pace with constantly changing medical
terminology and clinical practice guidelines

Minimized the negative-wording questions, containing
“except,” “not,” (note that “false,” and "avoid" are still used)



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Updated QBank for the MCCQE Part 1

New Skins - User Interface colours

Now you can experience multiple colours
of the user interface

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