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Institutional Subscriptions offers institutional discounts for access to our online question banks. We offer subscriptions to all institutions, including:

Licensing Authorities and Colleges
Medical Schools
Medical Colleges
Medical Libraries
Residency Programs
Teaching Hospitals

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We have over 600 verified testimonials from subscribers from all over the world who have studied with our QBanks and passed their medical licensing exams

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submit your testimonial here is an online test preparation service for the medical licensing exams of Australia (AMC CAT), Canada (MCCQE), Saudi Arabia (SMLE), United Kingdom (PLAB) and the United States (USMLE).

In addition, CanadaQBank offers Android, iOS and Windows mobile applications which allow medical students and physicians to practice the questions and cases on their phones and tablets and study anywhere.

Over 60,000 medical students and physicians from 180 countries have subscribed to and studied with our QBanks to prepare for the AMC CAT, MCCQE, PLAB, SMLE and the USMLE.

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